About the Big Dogs

This concept was built on a few key principals….

  1. This is first and foremost about fun.
  2. Providing girls with the ability to compete at very high levels of girls youth hockey.
  3. Introduce the girls to more kids just like them.
  4. Leave the girls wanting more.

We started this on a whim and it turned into something much more than we imaged.  As the 2013 season wound down, we wanted to give the girls a chance to prolong their season.  A casual conversation turned into a championship caliber girls youth hockey program.  The teams are made up from New England Girls Hockey League (NEGHL) teams Assabet Valley, BayState Breakers, Boch Blazers, Boston Jr. Eagles, Lady Flames, North Shore Vipers, East Coast Wizards, and a handful of girls playing Elite boys hockey.

One of the best outcomes of this program has been to watch the girls compete against each other during the regular season.  Each game means more as friends face off against each other almost every weekend.

With the success of ’02s in 2013, we decided to add an ’03 team in 2014 and an ’04 in 2015.  We then added an ’05 and ’06 team in 2016.

NEW NOTE (11/30/2016):  With the continued demand, we are adding an ’07 team this year.