Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How are the kids picked?

There are a number of means in which we identify the kids for the team.  The core of the team is built around finding the better players from the top teams in the NEGHL.  This is done just to really identify the first few kids on the team and get a gauge of the strength of the team.  Then we look for girls playing on boys teams in the EHF, E9, Boston Hockey Selects, and the Valley Hockey League.

Beyond that we also try to get a feel for the parents and the locker room fit.  We will pass on nutty parents (parents who coach and scream from the sidelines) and kids that don’t pass the puck very well.  We want girls that play a high-level, team game.  And we want parents that respect the game and the other parents.

2.  Is there a tryout?

No.  We don’t hold tryouts.  We pick the girls and the parents we want on the team.

3.  How long do you play?

Our goal is to play a couple of high end tournaments each summer over about an 6-8 week time span.  We typically look for a couple of high quality tournaments within a few hour drive of the Boston area.

4.  How often do you practice, and where do you practice?

We try to get in a couple of practices before the tournaments, just to get the girls playing together and building a little chemistry.  We don’t have a set practice facility, though we usually look for rinks along the I-495 or 128 belts between Bedford and Wilmington.

5.  How do I get my daughter a look?

If you would like for us to consider your daughter, please get in touch with us.  We will do our best to see what we can do.  Contact us at mensley@BigDogsHockey.com. 

6.  Do you cut kids?

This is up to the coaches and the program.  While the team is competitive, we are not necessarily cutting kids just for the sake of improving the team each year.

7.  What are your primary goals?

Fun.  Experience competitive hockey. Leave the girls and parents wanting more.  If we win, great.

8.  When is the roster filled?

We usually have the core roster filled by mid December so we have enough lead time to collect money, order jerseys, and register for the tournaments early.