Girls spring & summer tournaments in the region…  We look forward to supporting our tournaments by working with them to attract the best competitive teams possible.

Top Tier

Top Tier Invitational – this is a brand new invitational for Girls out of Toronto and the Big Dogs are proud to be part of the first invitational event (03s & 04s)

Montreal Meltdown

Montreal Meltdown (05’s are returning for 2016)

Blue Line Elite Tourney Icon

Reebok Cup (Looks like all teams are returning for 2016).

The Reebok Cup will now be under the Banner of Blue Line Elite Tournaments by CK Hockey


NAPS/Selects (04s & 05s are headed back to NAPS/Selects)

Beantown Classic

Beantown Classic (03s are playing for the first time this year)

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